With race day less than a month away, this 2014 NYC Marathon Fundraiser has CRUSHED our previous efforts, raising nearly $6000 for Autism Speaks!…but we’re NOT DONE YET!



The deadline for donating is October 15th!

Here’s your last chance to take it to a whole new level and make Team Procrastination and Team Ripley one of the TOP 5 fundraisers for Autism Speaks and The 2014 NYC Marathon!

As of this post we are about $1000 shy of joining an elite group of fundraisers! Let’s give ‘em a run for their money!


Join Team Procrastination in support of Team Ripley and Autism Speaks!

If you’ve already donated, you’re awesome, if you unable to donate at this time, you’re STILL awesome!

Thanks everyone!!

PS- In true TEAM PROCRASTINATION form, if you, or someone you love has been touched by Autism, let me know and I will include their name on my race bib.

DONATE @ My Official Autism Speaks Fundraising Page

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