Altra Lone Peak 1.5

Altra, stay on target.

I absolutely LOVE my Lone Peak 1.5’s and really appreciate Altra offering the subdued black color scheme. I’ve got about 150 miles on mine, with So Cal trail & fire roads, runs maxing out at about 20 miles. In these conditions, I love everything about the shoes. The tread really gives me confidence ripping the downhills. I also dig the aesthetic of the foot design on the sole, getting compliments about it all the time. It seems like Altra may be fazing this out, I hope not. It’s fun.

My average size with Altra’s is a US11.5, and the Lone Peak 1.5 fits great in this size. For reference I wear an 11.5 Original Instinct, 11.5 Everyday Shoe, 11.5 Instinct 2.0 and a 12 in Instinct 1.5 and Torin. As for durability, other than the lugs starting to wear a bit, these are holding up so far. Design wise, I can’t say I see much need for the little tail rudder, but it doesn’t bother me. And I use the velcro gaiter anchor all the time and appreciate it being built in. The few times I’ve gotten into wet conditions, running through some flooded tunnels after a heavy rain, they dried out quickly and remained comfortable.

I’m a bit nervous about the future of the Lone Peak. I’ve watched my beloved Instinct, an industry recognized, award winning design, radically change in v.2.0. The switch to a new last makes no sense to me, and essentially changes the shoe into a new category. I hope Altra gets back on track with that shoe and doesn’t do anything similar with the Lone Peak.

UPDATE 7/26/2014 – I’m closing in on 300 miles in these shoes and still love them. My max distance was a 50K trail race where they held up beautifully. Other than lug wear, I’m just starting to see some delaminating where the rubber toe meets the fabric, but nothing a little shoe goo wouldn’t resolve. Curious to try the new 2.0. Contrary to my usual concern about Altra’s new leanings towards additional cushioning, I think it might actually serve the Lone Peak. I’ve taken to using a flat Spenco insole in my 1.5’s and it makes for a good fit. May not need that in the 2.0.

Altra Lone Peak 1.5 equals Happy FeetOriginally posted by myself under the user name "Ergolad" on Amazon.
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